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Hi, my name is Eddie and I am a certified Tennis Canada Coach 3, ITF Coach 3, PTR Pro and BPES. My training programs will enable you to develop your tennis game, and reach for your goals. My services include individualized and group training programs, periodization plans, video biomechanical analysis and tactical blueprinting, online courses and physical conditioning programs, remote fitness training and more.


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Your weekly tennis specific training plan, based on your fitness level and adapted to your individual goals and needs at the tip of your fingers. Experience maximum motivation, new challenges and consistently increased performance and progress geared towards taking your tennis to the next level.
Online courses, articles and challenges to keep you engaged and to optimize your learning experience.
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High Performance Tennis Coach Toronto Canada

Keep your tennis game sharp

I will help you set goals and reach them. I don't just show you how to hit a forehand or a backhand; I educate you in the areas of strength training, cardiovascular endurance, high perfomance tactics and how to become a mentally tough athlete.

What players are saying about me

I love your hard work and the devotion to every trainee. The results were almost immediate! Really, if you know that your trainer is a professional you can become a completely different self within months. Think positive, eat good and start working out with Eddie.

Aaron Keanly

Aaron Keanly

Tennis Player

We all had to start somewhere, but I can tell for sure that Eddie knows exactly how to effectively teach you on how to maximize your training sessions. He will be there for you with his professional programs and lessons. I have seen the results in my game!

Debbie Franklin

Debbie Franklin

Tennis Player

Eddie is an awesome coach to work with: he is a positive and strong man with kind and sincere intentions to help you! If you are a beginner, he will teach you everything and will be supporting you throughout the entire journey to enjoy a lifetime game like tennis.

Rebecca Stevens

Rebecca Stevens

Tennis Player


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If you are in need of a Tennis Coach, Tennis Specific Conditioning Coach, or need a consultation in regard to your development, please feel free to contact me.

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