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I started my coaching career in 1997 at Palmer Tennis Academy in Florida where I was surrounded by a great number of coaches and mentors such as Sam Sumik, Richard Matuszewski that laid the foundation for my coaching passion.
After earning a 4 year degree in Physical Education and Sports (BPES) with a major in High Performance Tennis Coaching I moved to Italy where I continued my coaching for 15 years. Tennis Club Riccione has been my home for 10 great years when I had the opportunity to work, learn and grow even more alongside Coach Piero Serafini, Fabrizio Serafini and Federica Cerri.
In 2015 my family and I decided to move to Canada where I have been living and coaching ever since. I have helped build and grow GSM Tennis Club in Kitchener, leading the club to become a Tennis Canada Development Center and to be a reference in growing young talent in Ontario.
I have guided many young players develop their game and push their limits some of them becoming Provincial and National Champions, or achieving tennis scholarships in the United States and Canada.
In 2020 I have decided to move to Toronto where I'm currently coaching being part of an amazing group of coaches at the Advantage Tennis International at Veneto.
My move to Toronto was also inspired by my participation in elev8ed sports which is a very exciting project that aims at helping and taking players in the next level of their tennis.
Here are a few of the services that I provide and that I have specialized in doing in 20 year plus career of coaching high performance tennis.
  • Individual Tennis Lessons
  • Group Tennis Lessons
  • Individual Tennis Specific Conditioning
  • Biomechanichal Video Analysis (www.protennisanalysis.com)
  • Specialized and High Performance Camps (www.elev8edsports.com)
  • Match Analysis with Advanced Stats and Tactical Blueprinting
  • Annual Periodization Training Plan

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